Providing Peace of Mind Since 1969

Central Alarm Signal is the optimal solution for all your business and residential security needs. Whether you are seeking protection for a small apartment or a security and monitoring network for a large business interface, our specialized attention to your individual needs will provide you with the "Peace of Mind" that our subscribers have depended on since 1969.

Have You Changed Your Phone Service to a VOIP Service?

If you've changed your phone company to a VOIP solution from a company like Comcast, Vonage, or others, please test your system with us immediately!


These services can be incompatible with your security system and may also need some wiring done by us to keep the integrity of your system sound.


If you switch to one of our Web-Enabled security systems, you don't need a telephone service or internet service at all!

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Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracking

u-TRAQ GPS Tracking Service App's for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android! App's







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