About Us





Central Alarm Signal is the optimal solution for all your business and residential security needs. Whether you are seeking protection for a small apartment or a security and monitoring network for a large international business interface, our specialized attention to your individual needs will provide you with the “Peace of Mind” that our subscribers have depended on since 1969.

We offer a more complete choice of security solutions to each individual subscriber we work with. Our security consultants will make an accurate and thorough assessment of your commercial or residential site, and custom design a security solution based upon your specific needs. When required, our skilled technicians will fabricate and engineer a scheme of components to fit your specifications. The security network, created by our design team, will provide an integrated package of supportive systems and subsystems that best serves the needs of your business or home. The package of components we help you choose can be integrated with new or existing systems. As the area’s leading systems integrator, Central Alarm Signal can assure that you will receive the most current and cost effective security solutions available.

Our Monitoring Center Services and Technical Staff are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing security and monitoring services on a minute-to-minute basis. We are capable of monitoring your systems from single or multiple geographic locations in different parts of the state, country, or around the world.

Our Central Office utilizes natural gas and DC powered back-up systems to assure that all services continue in the event of a power outage. Day or night we continue to provide the most reliable, uninterrupted, alarm dispatch and emergency repair service in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Central Alarm Signal is interested in sharing the goals and interests of the citizens who reside in the communities we serve. The Governor’s Office established the Michigan Jobs Commission, and selected Central Alarm Signal as an Honorary Jobs Team Member in recognition of our continued commitment to Michigan and Detroit. Our membership in local, state, and national Chamber of Commerce groups, enhances our commitment to professional ethics and excellence in business. Central Alarm Signal meets, and often exceeds, the professional criteria set by the National Electrical Code (NEC 760), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the State of Michigan Fire Marshal Division. We are long standing members of the State and National Burglar and Fire Alarm Associations (NBFAA, MBFAA). Central Alarm Signal’s respected clients include: A&W Restaurants, American Heart Association of Michigan, Chrysler UAW-NTC, Comcast Cablevision, Ellis-Don Construction, Greyhound Bus Lines, Huntington Banks, Melody Farms, Merchant of Vino, and the Department of Defense, with Top Secret Clearance.

Central Alarm Signal is your number one choice for custom designed security solutions for your local, national, or international business and residential demands. Central Alarm Signal will continue to provide our subscribers and their communities with the “Peace of Mind” that has been our mission and overriding goal since 1969.