Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

When the Life Safety of your employees, customers, and family is at stake . . . when your inventory, expensive equipment or your home are in jeopardy from smoke, heat, or fire damage, Central Alarm Signal is there for you. We can provide you with solutions for Life Safety and provide you with damage protection for your business, your home, and all that you value and hold dear.

Whether your concern is for the Life Safety of your employees and family members, or protection for business equipment and prized personal possessions at home, a professional fire detection system designed, installed, serviced, and monitored by Central Alarm Signal is the solution. The early detection of smoke, heat, or fire is the most effective way to protect your home and business from such loss. Saving lives and protecting your property from the ravages of fire is Central Alarm Signal’s main concern. Insurance can guard against the monetary loss that fire, heat, and smoke can cause. You can rebuild your facility or home and replace your equipment, but not even an insurance carrier can place a dollar value on the lives of your employees, customers, or your family members. How can one place a value on your most prized possessions, priceless keepsakes, and family heirlooms? No one can replace the house that you and your loved ones have made into a home. The cost of a fire is more than just monetary. Early detection is the only realistic line of defense against the excessive loss and inconvenience of fire, smoke, and water damage. Central Alarm Signal’s staff of State Licensed Fire Alarm Technicians will expertly maintain these systems and provide you with the exceptional service you will require.

Central Alarm Signal holds the State of Michigan, Department of State Police, Fire Marshal Division, Fire Alarm/Fire Suppression Firm Certification # A-0426. We adhere to the strict standards set down by the State of Michigan and follow the regulations of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), your local municipality. Central Alarm Signal follows the required codes provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC 760), when required. The 1991 passage of the ADA law expanded the use of visual and audible emergency alarms to notify the hearing impaired. When compliance with ADA standards is required, Central Alarm Signal can specify both audible and visual devices that meet the performance requirements mandated by this law.

As a Professional Fire Alarm Contractor, we know that an effectively designed fire alarm and fire detection system is meant to save lives and preserve property. At Central Alarm Signal, this is our foremost concern as specifiers and installers of custom designed, professionally installed fire alarm and fire detection systems.