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Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM)

Proactive video monitoring stops break-in attempts using live operators, not pre-recorded messages, who “talk-down” to stop intruders or clear loiterers from your property. Netwatch services are installed and serviced by authorized dealers around the world. Netwatch has over 18 years of experience monitoring over 300,000 customer locations around the world.


Central Alarm Signal is proud to be the first Netwatch dealer in the state of Michigan


From one camera to multiple cameras, any business can benefit from Netwatch proactive video monitoring to stop intruders from entering or vandalizing your property. You can save a tremendous amount of money by augmenting or completely eliminating security guards or making less guards more productive.

Don’t assume that just because you have a video surveillance system already that you don’t need proactive video monitoring. Netwatch is not a video surveillance system but a security system that uses video cameras for advanced warning and detection, before an incident occurs.


Businesses that can benefit from Netwatch

  • Cannabis Grow Houses
  • Construction Sites
  • Car Dealerships
  • Warehouses
  • Parks & Trail Systems
  • Grocery Stores
  • Office Buildings

How the Netwatch System Works

Netwatch does not rely on conventional security systems to trigger monitored video events. Instead, it relies on advanced video analytics and processing using its proprietary “Core” software to filter out false alarms and only bring actual alarms to live intervention specialists. These skilled operators “talk down” to the intruders or trespassers with live audio through speakers that are installed at the protected location. These live interventions help to stop incidents before they happen and they are not pre-recorded messages but live interactions. Cameras can be individually set-up to detect intrusion or loitering situations, depending upon your needs. Netwatch can be used to completely eliminate security guards or to scale them back so less guards can be used more efficiently. This service does not require alarm services through Central Alarm Signal, Inc. but it’s highly recommended.



Netwatch Can Work Silently Too!



Video Verification Services

Video verification (sometimes known as visual verification) is different from proactive video monitoring. It works with your security system to allow our monitoring centers to see video clips to help confirm whether an alarm received from a door contact, motion sensor or other device is real or false. Some systems also allow the monitoring center to view live video after receiving the video clips. This helps to limit false alarms and allow local authorities to give priority to verified alarms. In fact, some cities like the City of Detroit, require all alarms to be verified in order to dispatch the police, and video verification is one way to do it. Logo

Integrates with your based security system to provide video clips to our monitoring centers upon an alarm event from your security system. Pre-Alarm & post-alarm video is sent upon activation of a protected alarm point like a door contact or motion sensor. Live video is not possible with this service. Arming and disarming the camera system is automatic and arms when your security system arms. Video system health checks are available with commercial video packages only. Requires cameras and alarm services through Central Alarm Signal, Inc.


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Immix-Sureview works with a wider range of professional video and security systems. It can be used in small to large applications and can also provide optional virtual guard tour services and escort services while businesses open and close. Arming and disarming the camera system is automatic and arms when your security system arms. The system will send video clips to the monitoring center upon an alarm event and also allows the monitoring center to view live video during the alarm event, for further investigation. Since it integrates directly with your security system, it requires alarm services through Central Alarm Signal, Inc.


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Our Monitoring Centers Certifications


Our monitoring partners hold multiple UL certifications, including UL 827B, which covers managed video services and they are also the first monitoring center to receive the UL 827A certification as a Central Station Provider for Central Station Hosted Services. Each was received upon having met very strict compliances.