Web-Enabled Security Systems

Qolsys Security Kit

Advanced Technology

If you are going to pay for a security system, you should require one that is designed to work when you need it most.

Unlike prior generation security systems, our systems …
… cannot be disabled by cutting the phone line to the home or business.
… are easy to use and can be remotely controlled via the Web and web-enabled PDA.
… provide value to the user by enabling constant monitoring of normal day to day sensor activity like doors opening.

We use 2-way wireless technology and onsite data-mining to analyze and transmit activity data as it is reported by the customer’s security system. Whether the system is armed or disarmed, our onsite processor is aware of all sensor and panel activity and can transmit this data to the state-of-the-art Operations Center. Because the system is always online with the wireless network and never has to dial up to make a connection, it is significantly faster than landline telephone communication channels.

Web Control and Real-Time Notifications

Our systems are much more than just burglar alarms. Our systems enable Total Site Security. Most accidents that occur in a home are not caused by intruders, and prior generation security systems only protect commercial sites when the systems are armed. Often, the assets of commercial enterprises are largely unprotected during normal business hours.

Our system allows you to monitor sensitive rooms, cabinets, construction sites, drawers, safes, closets, etc. all the time. For example, if a child opens a cabinet containing prescription drugs or cleaning agents, a parent or guardian might be notified via a text message to their cell phone. Or if an employee enters an inventory closet that contains thousands of dollars of consumer electronics, the store manager can be notified.

Customers can access activity reports from any web-connected computer, PDA or phone:

  • A mother receives an e-mail alert at work when her child arrives home from school.
  • A business owner is notified on his PDA if his shop was not armed by a specific time.
  • A family remotely changes the temperature of their vacation home and monitors the arrival and departure times of the cleaning crew via the web.
  • A father is alerted with a message to his cell phone if someone opens his liquor cabinet.
  • A shop owner remotely monitors the exact time his employees arrive and leave work, and views an online report indicating which areas of his store are getting the most traffic during business hours.

Secure, Wireless System

Our systems do not require a phone line or any other wired communication channel to transmit signals between the customer’s control panel and the Operations Center. Even if a phone line is cut during a break-in, signals will be sent to the Operations Center and immediately routed to our Central Monitoring Station for alarm verification and if necessary, police or fire department dispatch.

This also provides our customers complete flexibility on what type of phone service they use without compromising their security system. Thinking of using VoIP phone service, or maybe using cell phones exclusively? No problem with Central Alarm Signal’s Advanced Web-Enabled Security Technology. Contact our Sales Department for a free site evaluation or online demo today!.